”In art there is the chance to bring faith, hope and sense into our world without following the traditional religious approaches. Art brings people consistently into contact with the being. It is a source of inspiration for the look inwards – for musing and for reflecting on one’s own perceptions and experiences. Art invigorates and enriches without demanding.“


”The more our world falters, the more matures my intension for a positive charging and equational balance. In my works of art it is not my intention to gloss over anything, but rather to use my artistic capabilities to trigger a deeper reflection and create a positive awareness for our daily coexistence. My artistic motivation therefore derives from three crucial core parameters – love instead of hatred, gentleness instead of anger, tolerance instead of rejection.

Every single one of us is able to make a balancing contribution and to liberate this world a bit from its brutalization and disassembly. Our daily thinking and acting take on the decisive key function.

From my point of view, gratitude and mindfulness are the essential and supportive means which are available for each of us – we have a free choice. At any time! Now! Here!

Here lies the source for my abstract emotional works. In the creative process, I feel deeply connected with my soul, with my spirit … with God. My so-called neopaintings are created in a purely intuitive creative process and are reflections of my personal feelings, experiences and my meditative universal affinity.

In doing so I move in the spaces of our lives that we are able to perceive, but which we often hide or ignore in our daily life. Especially in our restless and sometimes superficial world I want to remind us to the love, freedom and joy we all experience as our birthright. I would like neither to lecture nor to accuse. For only in cultivating wholesome, human qualities lies the power for positive change and development. This is my artistic vision as well as my self-chosen mission.


My current works of the cycle „The Joy Of Being“ are largely characterized by a light-infused color. The free-flowing forms of these abstract compositions are underlining the emotional experience of a divine experience.

Inspired by baroque paintings, in this work cycle I pick up the baroque stylistic features such as asymmetrical individual forms, swirling curves and expansive gestures and translate them into abstract, subtle color compositions.

The colors in their self-valence seem almost transparent and are blurring with their slight reflections into delicate modulations. In sum, color and shape transform into a single aesthetic-abstract event. They are sublime expressions of our ethereally world and touch the viewer on a purely emotional level, independent of time and space.

In essence, these works represent an idealization of the present moment and are a deliberate exaggeration of my actual perception – the synthesis of my feeling and my intellect. By allowing this exaggeration, the images of this cycle of works receive their visionary powerful expression and become a symbol of their parent title – ”The Joy Of Being“.


Neopaintings – This designation for Jason Engelbart’s works stands for the topicality of his work in our digital age and is also his artistic program. Because since 2010 he works and experiments with the diverse digital tools of the computer and the iPad. But despite their purely technical origins, Engelbart’s work does not appear to be overcooled technologically, but rather looks like artfully executed, extremely sensitive color compositions. This is the special magic of his so-called neopaintings. The transfer of the initially immaterial image to the material manifestation is usually done in the printing process on high-quality photographic material with subsequent framing on Alu-Dibond and final high-gloss sealing. But prints on the matte structure of the well-known Hahnemühlen William Turner artist paper also show their own visual appeal in the fusion of traditional material and the technical origin of the work. The interplay of unconventional working methods and contemporary materials ensures the uniqueness in Jason Engelbart’s work. Each of his artworks is strictly limited to one original, personally signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Jason Engelbart (born in 1960) is based in Hamburg, Germany. He received a degree in Graphic Design & Art in 1984 from the prestigious Hamburg Design & Art Academy ”ALSTERDAMM – SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS”.  After graduating he works as a creative director for the internationally renowned Hamburg designer Peter Schmidt for five years. During these years he acquires his own individual creative hand. In 1991 he opens the studio Jason Engelbart Design that five years later will merge with DIE BOTSCHAFT agency.

In 2010 there follows the separation from his agency DIE BOTSCHAFT. He leaves the commercial area of design to focus intensely on his personal artistic development. The foundation stone for his current work – the computer-based Neopaintings – is laid.Following are group and solo exhibitions and art projection shows. In 2018, the first international breakthrough with his paticipation in the exhibition „ARTBOX PROJECT 1.0 NEW YORK“ during the ”ARMORY ART WEEKS – NEW YORK“, curated by the Artbox Gallery Switzerland.

Jason Engelbart lives and works in Hamburg . Germany


2018  I  International Art Award  I  2nd Art Expo International Ingolstadt  I  Germany

2018  I  15th International PALM ART AWARD 2018

2018  I  KITZ ART AWARD 2018  I  Austria


2019  I  ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH – Presented by the Artbox Gallery Switzerland, Artbox Project Miami 2.0


2019 – Group Exhibition CONTRARY CONNECTED, Azaro Art Spaces Gallery Hamburg . Germany

2019 – SWISS ART EXPO – Presented by the Artbox Gallery Switzerland ARTBOX PROJECT ZURICH 1.0

2018 – Group Exhibition BEYOND ART, Werkkunst Gallery . Hamburg . Germany

2018 – II. ART EXPO INTERNATIONAL, Ingolstadt . Germany

2018 – ARTBOX SCREEN SHOW, Artbox Gallery . Zurich . Switzerland

2018 – GALLERY MUSIC & ART, Werkkunst Gallery . Hamburg . Germany

2018 – EMOZIONI ASTRATTE, Galleria ArtTime . Italy

2018 – ARTBOX SCREEN SHOW, Artbox Gallery . Zurich . Switzerland

2018 – THE ARMORY ART WEEKS, NEW YORK 2018 – Presented by the Artbox Gallery Switzerland – the ”Artbox Project NY 1.0″

2014 – 8. KUNSTFRÜHLING BREMEN, Art Festival Bremen, represented by the Gallery SCHIMMING . Hamburg

1998 – LYRICAL MOMENTS, Montague Art Gallery, New York


2017 – THE JOY OF BEING, Gallery Space L‘Etoile Properties – Hamburg

2014 – WITH LOVE FOR LIFE, Light Art Projection Show, Christ Church Hamburg

2013 – CROSS/OVER/FUSION, NeoPaintings, Art Festival, Hamburg Art Week

2012 – CUTTINGS, Paintings and Drawings, Showroom Axel Cramer, Stilwerk Hamburg

2011 – LYRICAL SENSATION, NeoPaintings, Law Office Mahlmann, Hamburg


KANZLEI MAHLMANN, Hamburg, Germany

L’ETOILE PROPERTIES, Hamburg . Paris . London, International

FAMOS IMMOBILIEN GMBH, Hamburg . Korschenbroich, Germany

S.OLIVER GROUP, Würzburg, Germany

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