I   ABOUT HIS WORK   I       Jason Engelbart is a contemporary artist whose digital-abstract works utilize a distinctive artistic aesthetic. The works in his current series BAROQUE PASSION are based on Engelbart’s tracing of the divine that lives within us all, the artistic expression of pure love. And it is precisely this emotional and spiritual essence of the sacred to opulent works of Baroque painting, such as those by Johannes Zick, Andrea Pozzo or Guido Reni, that serve as a source of inspiration for him in the creative process.

Using his own digital painting technique, Engelbart abstracts selected works from this art era by digitally overlaying, rearranging, blurring and painting over facets of various image elements.

With their fine contrasts of light, color and form, Engelbart’s so-called digital Neo Paintings are reminiscent of the opulent ceiling frescoes and sacred motifs of the Baroque art era. The painting process creates its own flowing structures and visual rhythms, with their own contemporary, characteristic appearance, while at the same time elevating the underlying historical works to a new dimension of perception. In sum, color and form transform into a single aesthetic-abstract event that is experienced on a purely emotional level as a sacred moment. With this artistic re-enactment of baroque icons, Engelbart builds a finely balanced bridge to contemporary art and creates a very subtle déjà vu in the viewer.

I   CURRICULUM VITAE   I       Jason Engelbart, born in 1960, completed his studies from 1980 to 1984 at the – ALSTERDAMM – Art & Design Academy in Hamburg, Germany. During his studies, he was a student in Professor Lothar Walter’s master class and earned his degree in art and design. After his graduation he has worked primarily as a Creative Director in design studios. 1989 he founded his own design agency DIE BOTSCHAFT, Hamburg I Berlin. At the end of 2009, Engelbart handed over the agency to his three managing partners and started his second career as a professional artist.

Since 2010, Jason Engelbart has focused entirely on his artistic work. In the years that follow, he develops his own personal artistic signature. In 2011 Engelbart begins to experiment with the various tools of the Photoshop program. He thus lays the foundation for his abstract digital Neo Paintings.

Engelbart lives and works in Hamburg. With his work cycle BAROQUE PASSION he was represented at national and international exhibitions such as the Amory Art Week New York, Art Basel Miami and the Swiss Art Expo Zurich. Engelbart’s work has been honored with numerous international awards.